How to Establish Credit

It’s the ultimate catch 22 — you can’t get credit without credit history, but you can’t get credit history without credit! What’s a consumer to do?

If you ever plan on borrowing money in your lifetime, you’ll need to establish good credit. It takes several years to establish good credit, and 10 or more years to establish excellent credit. A good credit score also ensure you will receive the lowest interest rate possible on any loan. So here’s the skinny on how to get started. […]

Opt Out List

Chances are you’ve received solicitations in the mail or calls informing you that you have been prequalified for a credit card or a mortgage? Ever wonder how these companies got information about your credit? This practice is known as prescreening, and works in one of two ways. A creditor will contact a credit reporting agency Read more about Opt Out List[…]

The Facts About Credit

This month we will focus on CREDIT. The best way to secure a low mortgage loan amount is with a good credit score. Here are some tips we mailed to our customers, and we’d like to share them with the general population. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. [fb_button]